Most people who have crypto plan to buy more crypto

In a survey, it was revealed that 72% of people who already owned crypto say that they planned to buy more crypto later on. My question for those people is “what are you waiting for?”. The market has already lost over 70% since January and is at a very low point right now. It has testing the $6,000 3 or 4 times and each time that it has, it has bounced back in a short amount of time, signaling, that perhaps $5,800 or so may be the low water mark of this dip. Waiting around for the market to dip to $2000 or $3000 may not be a wise move since there is a good chance that it will never dip that far. Also with all the new adoption from car manufacturing to business solutions, to finances that cryptocurrency has recently gotten, the usage will soon go up and with it, price. You want to buy when the market is low, not when its already going up and most of the profits have already been taken so waiting for October or November for the Bull Run to start when everyone else is trying to get in may not be a very smart idea.

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