Monero gets withheld by Changelly, liquidity problems in the future?

Monero recently had transactions with Changelly slowed and held up as they tried to verify the identity of the senders. As more services move towards the KYC(Know your Customer) protocol, strictly privacy coins like Monero may find it harder to get liquidity on exchanges. This issue could be solved with atomic swaps where you can just trade in-wallet one coin for another but that is still some time off. Others have said that decentralized exchanges would be the answer but I don’t think that will be the answer either as you still have to get listed on the exchange and some exchanges are already starting to delist coins like Monero.
Despite all this, I do think the value of Monero will go up because it may well become the primary cryptocurrency in underground and black market transactions and that market is huge but it won’t be the biggest gainer in a bull market because it has little chance of scoring a big partnership with the likes of Amazon or E-bay.

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