Ethereum Roadmap 2.0, outlook still bearish

Ethereum laid out its roadmap for the future which most importantly includes Casper and Sharding, both of which helps on Ethereum’s main problem of its network not being able to handle large number of transactions at once. However, Ethereum’s price death spiral may go on for quite a while longer because Ethereum’s price drop is two-fold.
One, a lot of the tokens that were created on Ethereum’s network are now inactive or dead. The market simply got way ahead of itself and adoption simply couldn’t keep up with speculation so many of those coins are inactive or dead. Ethereum’s price was wildly inflated because of all the useless coins it was carrying on its network and now since those coins have no activity, the demand for Ethereum has gone way down.
Second, Ethereum has a lot of competition now from other networks like XLM, EOS, and TRON which also offer developers a chance to create tokens on their network. In fact, EOS and TRON are two coins that have departed from the Ethereum network and are now on their own network, which in itself reduces transactions on the Ethereum network. I have a feeling that many new tokens will choose TRON or EOS over Ethereum because those networks can handle greater number of transactions per second and have additional developer tools that make them more attractive than Ethereum.
Because of these reasons, I do think Ethereum’s price downward will continue for quite a while yet.

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