Dogethereum bridge test successful, yet Jackson Palmer is still bashing it

The Dogethereum bridge today had a successful test and is now awaiting its official launch. Funds were successfully transfered via the bridge today and perhaps marks a new age for Dogecoin. However former Dogecoin developer Jackson Palmer still threw shade on it calling it a “cool technological thing” but said it still does not provide a real case for use for Dogecoin. He also said that he doesn’t see how this will be better than atomic swaps and questioned the use of the bridge.
Well, he isn’t wrong in the fact that atomic swaps between coins would be just as good as this but the problem here is that for the most part, atomic swaps don’t yet exist and the testing for atomic swaps from most coins who promise them are still a few months off. I have not yet seen any kind of atomic swap used on a large scale and it doesn’t really look ready. This bridge, however, looks pretty close to release. The atomic swapping feature in wallets also won’t support every coin(not even all erc20 coins) automatically so at the least, there will be several months if not years where this bridge will be useful and let Dogecoin almost act as a base pair for all ERC-20 tokens. So, in short, I think Jackson Palmer is missing the real use case here for the several months if not years until atomic swaps can become commonplace. Overall, I think the successful test today does bring positive sentiment and will continue to push the price of Dogecoin up bit by bit.

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