Bitcoin price predictions for September and October

So after finding out from a regular employee(not high level exec) at Goldman Sachs via Youtube comments that the sentiment inside Goldman Sachs is that September is an accumulation month and real movement will not begin until early to mid October with a big push coming in later November, I have re-adjusted what may happen with the price of Bitcoin in the coming months. Take this prediction and information as you will as these are just rumors and sentiments and not 100% facts or concrete evidence.

Based on the rumors and sentiments, I think Bitcoin will continue to swing between $6,000 and $7,300 until early or mid October as the big banks will continue to use and manipulate the volatility to increase their coffers of bitcoin. They will try to manipulate the price up to over $7000 before dropping in back down towards $6000. Between now and early to mid October, I expect them to repeat this cycle 2-3 times(assuming the ETF get delayed again at the end of September like everyone expects it to be). By repeating this cycle 2-3 times, they will increase their reserves by around 50-60%. After this, I expect an increase in price starting sometime in October and the Bull run to intensify in November and December. This is the path that seems most likely to me as far as the big banks are involved and as they can use Bitmex spot futures to manipulate the price, I think it is at least somewhat likely to happen.

Once again, I am not a financial adviser and this is not professional financial advise and I am not responsible for your gains or losses.

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