TRON(TRX) network passed EOS in User Accounts, when will it moon?

TRON(TRX), only a few days after its virtual machine launch has already surpassed EOS in terms of number of accounts on their network. Tron is also ahead of Ethereum currently in number of transactions on their network and its peak is 46 times what Ethereum’s daily volume in the last two months. Now this is a bit misleading because Ethereum’s own peak was back at the beginning of the year when Cryptokitties was hot. That was such a big hit that it ended up slowing down Ethereum’s network for several weeks. TRON will have no such issues as its network is technologically superior to that of Ethereum’s. TRON’s price, however, has not yet followed this network activity and I think many are just waiting for one final catalyst, whether it’d be the Bitcoin ETF or a partnership with Alibaba is anyone’s guess. But my guess is when that comes, TRON will be several times its current price.

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