Smart money in crypto, does it actually exist?

I’ve heard to term “smart money” thrown around a lot in crypto and in other investing and I’m here to talk about where “smart money” actually exists.
Unless you are talking about the people orchestrating pump and dumps or the whales activity manipulating the price of certain cryptos as “smart money”, I have to say that no, “smart money” indeed does not exist in the world of crypto. It is even doubtful that it exists in the world of investing. They have done experiments to prove my point.
One experiment pitted a group of the most expert investors in the world against a cat that randomly chose stocks by putting its paw on them and the Cat won. They also did this with a monkey throwing darts and the monkey won. This can be further proven by the fact that actively managed funds over a long time of 20 or 30 years hardly ever beat the market. They may beat it in a certain year or two but over the long run, it is very hard to beat the market. So the “smart” money really isn’t that smart. I think this is doubly true in Crypto. I’m guessing that those people on social media that keep referring to “smart money” are just trying to sound like experts or more sophisticated when in reality, they are no better than you or me, so don’t fall for their random jargon.

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