Doge price manipulation possible?

So, many people are kind of upset that Dogecoin hasn’t dropped back to its pre-Dogethereum bridge price of 39 Satoshi so they could buy back in and some have asked if there are whales manipulating the price to keep it at 70 Satoshi or so.
While there is always the chance, I don’t really think that is the case. Dogecoin doesn’t have a futures market like Bitcoin where you can easily manipulate the price with coordinated shorts or longs, and it is listed at many exchanges and in order to keep the price in a certain range, you need to be able to maintain the price at most, if not all, the exchanges. At the largest exchanges, this could be costly because you have to literally self buy or self-trade hundreds of thousands if not millions of Dogecoin to manipulate the price and at these numbers the .15% trade fee ends up being several thousand Doge every time you swap.

Also, the price of a coin almost always follows the volume of the coin and Dogecoin’s volume would naturally go up because of the Dogethereum bridge news and the fact that it just got added to Yahoo finance, where it is one of only four coins that has been newly thrust in front of millions of people for trading, would definitely increase its trade volume and therefore increase its price. So I do not think most of the price changes for Dogecoin recently have been the result of manipulation.

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