TRON Possible partnership with Alibaba? To $4 soon?

There has been strong speculation(and with teeth) that in the weeks after Justin Sun graduated from the University that Jack Ma founded, that the two have a secret agreement in place between TRON and Alibaba and are planning to have a senior official come out and confirm the deal. As of right now, this still falls into the “speculative” category but because of the close ties between the two men, it is more likely than other rumors to be true. Some say TRON could go as high as $4 if this deal were really signed, which is a possibility since that would give TRON more of a use case than any other cryptocurrency out there so in a bull market, it could see $4. However, in the current market, I think 40-50 cents is more of a possibility with this deal being signed if true. Either way, TRON is a coin you should be keeping track of in the coming days.

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