TRON gets 3 new exchange listings, 100k trx prize for contest, starts project Atlas

TRON, soon after it launched its VM, has gotten three new exchange listings at BTCAlpha,, and Coindeal. The first two have a TRX/USD pair which helps a lot in terms of liquidity as you can trade TRX directly for USD without having to go through the BTC middleman. Coindeal is also having a TRON contest with 100k TRON as first prize. All you have to do is sign up, follow them on twitter, and take a quiz, so you might want to go take a took.
TRON has also started project Atlas, which aims to make Bittorrent a decentralized platform for entertainment using the TRON token. I think its goal is to create something like the Apple Appstore or the Googleplay store except it will use TRON as the medium or exchange. This news along with rumors of Alibaba, should help TRON go way up in price soon.

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