Crazy analysts predicts Monero to grow to $18k, Bitcoin to $96,000, everything else to tank

Some crazy analyst has predicted that Monero(XMR) will grow to $18,000, Bitcoin to $96,000 within five years while coins like XRP and XLM will see a large crash in price. They see the future of privacy coins are extremely bright because they think that the main use for cryptocurrencies will be “offshoring” which basically means illegal tax evasion and money laundering. I doubt this will be the case because recent research has shown that 90% or more of the volume of cryptos is not used for illegal purposes and the % of transactions used for illegal operations is likely to decrease in the future. I’m pretty sure whoever wrote this article either holds a lot of Monero or is a paid shill for Monero as these predictions are entirely unrealistic.

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