Dogethereum, further explanation of what it does

Dogethereum is getting closer and closer to us and its time again to explain better as to what this thing is. I’ve already explained that it isn’t a hard fork, and there doesn’t seem to be any airdrop. It is also not a conversion of Dogecoin itself into an ERC-20 token. It is a bridge between Dogecoin and the ERC-20 network. What this means is that it is basically a highway to convert DOGE into any ERC-20 token. If you think of a casino and DOGE as cash and ERC-20 tokens as chips of different denominations, it illustrates how it works fairly well. You trade the DOGE for the ERC-20 tokens, then gamble or do whatever you need to do with the tokens. Then, when you are done, you can trade the token back for DOGE via the bridge. Its almost like an atomic swap in a sense. Right now, it would require for both wallets to be open but they are working on a fix for that. This would lead to a lot more liquidity for DOGE coin and in turn more volume, which would in turn, drive the price up.

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