Stellar Lumens(XLM) future looks bright, may pass $1 sooner than we think

Stellar Lumens has recently achieved 1 million active accounts and has lots of interesting and potentially huge projects that can skyrocket its price in the works. With these projects in the wings, the price of this cryptocurrency may reach $1 and the top 3 or 4 in marketcap sooner than we think.
The IBM payment solution is the biggest and most important of these projects. If this goes well and they have IBM on their side, then other businesses and banks will be much more likely to work with Stellar because when they bring IBM to the table, they are ensuring a large number of transactions outside of the speculative arena. They are also working with IBM on a carbon emissions project as well as a decentralized exchange using XML as the base currency. They also have projects targeted at helping the developing world as well as retail, agriculture, and real estate. The thing is that not all of these projects have to succeed for the price of XLM to go way up. If even one of them succeeds, then it will be huge for Stellar Lumens. This coins looks like it has a bright future.

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