Tokenpay says that cryptocurrencies were not make for “HODLING”

Tokenpay has stated that cryptocurrencies were made for transactional use and not “HOLDING” and I completely agree. Tokenpay is taking the smart way and encouraging its investors to actually spend the crypto instead of holding it and hoping the price goes up. They understand that a crypto’s value often follows its volume and that people spending and transacting its token for non-speculative purposes will eventually drive up the price of the coin. This is what is wrong with most people’s way of thinking about cryptocurrency. They think holding it and not selling it until a very high price will make the price go up but that is not how it works. There will always be a market of buyers and sellers, as there needs to be, for any commodity and the less volume there is, the less liquidity there is. The less liquidity there is, the less demand there is for that commodity which means less people will buy it. Having lots of people buy and trade it is much better for the price than having no one buy and trade it. That is why Bitcoin’s price has always followed its volume. Tokenpay’s other criticism directed on Bitcoin and Ethereum were probably just Propaganda promoting its own coin, but they do make a solid point that cryptos weren’t make to be held forever and not used.

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