Congressman, Congresswoman investing in crypto, this is really good

Several members of Congress have revealed that they have holdings in cryptocurrency ranging from several thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. Public servants are required to disclose cryptocurrency holdings as a way to spot potential conflicts of interests(kind of like stock investments).
You might not like the fact that congress and the big wigs in Washington are into crypto and may see it as a corrupting influence on cryptocurrency. However, I think we need to realize how the world actually works and that in order to get regulations that are favorable towards the cryptocurrency sector, we need many members of congress to have financial interests in cryptocurrency. We also need their lobbyists from the big corporations to have financial interests in cryptocurrency because that is where power comes from. If they and their donors have massive financial interests in crypto then they will make regulations(or lack of regulations) towards the crypto market. Other industries bribe and buy politicians in Washington all the time and its time that the cryptocurrency industry does the same in order to not get squashed by opponents like the banking or finance industries.

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