EOS ranked #1 blockchain by China

EOS has been ranked the #1 blockchain project in China with bitcoin ranked at #10. I do not agree with the rankings. I think EOS is top 10, no doubt, but I would not put them #1 and put Bitcoin #10. Bitcoin is still #1 for me because I still think it has more adoption than any other coin and that is now the main Criteria for me. China may have some behind the scenes connections with EOS, which would be good for EOS, but would also bias the rankings. If the government of China could have easier control of EOS, they would rank it higher since the Chinese government love things that they can easily control and perhaps Bitcoin’s de-centralized structure is too much for them. I would rank Bitcoin #1 and EOS would be somewhere between #5 and #10. #2, #3, and #4 would be XLM, XRP, and ETH for me. What about you?

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