VeChain Rockets up, London exchanges open Bitcoin Cash futures

VeChain during the small Bitcoin recovery has shot up around 50% due to their partnership with PWC earlier this year and is one of the best performing coins of note during the last few days. If Bitcoin keeps going up, I think it will keep skyrocketing but if BTC settles, I think it might see a bit of a correction since it shot up so much. It is a Chinese IoT blockchain project and now PWC is heavily invested in its future.
The London exchange has also opened up Bitcoin Cash futures for trading and perhaps it may lead to a short-term surge in the price of Bitcoin Cash but in the long run futures than settle in fiat rather than the native cryptocurrency may actually hurt the coin because of short-sells. Keep your eyes peeled for movements within Bitcoin Cash.
The price of BTC has been swining between $6,000 and $6600 for most of the week and I am waiting to see if it breaks out of those bounds for any real length of time.

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