Bitcoin Price prediction by end of 2018

The price of Bitcoin is tracked by many and everyone wants to analyze its price and predict where it will be since where Bitcoin goes, the rest of the market goes as well.
I believe the price of Bitcoin may be around $12,000 around the end of 2018. It may not shoot to $19000 like at the end of last year because I do not think a Bitcoin ETF will get approved before Feb of 2019, the last possible decision date, but I do think a Bitcoin ETF will eventually get approved. The ETN fills some of the need that the ETF was going to fill but I do not think it will drive the kind of volume and new investors that an ETF would.

However, 4th quarters of every year tend to favor cryptocurrencies and there has been a lot of positive news regarding use cases and partnerships so I do think Bitcoin will rise again in the 4th quarter of this year.

*This is not professional financial advise and I am not a professional financial adviser, these are my opinions only.

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