Stellar(XLM) price prediction and why its done better than most in the recent crash

Stellar(XLM) among all the alt coins is the one that has not really lost against Bitcoin in the recent crash and that is owing to four things.
First is the partnership with IBM to build a stable-coin on a stellar blockchain. Second is that IBM has a 5 year deal with the Australian government to build blockchain solutions, probably on a stellar blockchain. The third is the partnership with Transfergo to start sending money across borders on the Stellar Blockcahin, and the fourth is a possible partnership or collaboration with Facebook and Facebook secretive cryptocurrency divison.

These four things spell out a huge use-case of the stellar blockchain and lots of revenue generating opportunities. If the market rebounds, I can see stellar become possibly the #2 cryptocurrency in the world as its network may surpass Ethereum’s network in terms of usage and activity. I would think if this were to happen XLM could go as high as $4 or $5 per coin as it will have real-world use.

* This is not professional financial advice and I am not a professional financial advisor, your gains and losses are your own responsibility.

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