Primetrust moves into the Custody Market, AT&T sued $225 million for Crypto Losses

Primetrust has entered the custody market to compete with companies like Coinbase and they did it in a big way saying they will hold any ERC-20 based token. This is welcome news for Ethereum which has been tanking hard recently but may not be good news for competitors like EOS. If custody and funds all begin adopting ERC-20, then that is good reason for new tokens and projects to use the Ethereum Network rather than using a competing network. Overall I think it is excellent news because it opens up more coins and tokens to lots of potential investors in the future.

A man who lost around $20 million in Cryptocurrency in January because of a SIM card security incident is now suing carrier AT&T for over $220 million in damages. The claim is that the SIM data was given mistakenly to a third party which caused the loss of over $20 million in funds. AT&T will defend in court but if they lose, they will have to pay a hefty sum due to their mistake. This is a lesson in security for other carriers and why I still think desktop wallets are still more safe than mobile ones.

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