Bittrex to add ETC/USD, XRP/USD, why DOGE/USD would be Big

Bittrex is going to be adding ETC/USD and XRP/USD trading pairs soon. This news is important because it is another step in un-tethering the Crypto market away from BTC so not everything is dependent on BTC in price. However, because XRP and ETC do not have that many crypto pairs themselves across most exchanges, this will not have that much of an effect outside of ETC and XRP themselves.
The largest Alt coin market is of course BTC, followed by ETH, both of which have USD pairs. The third largest alt coin market in my experience is actually DOGE and that is why I think Coinbase Pro or Bittrex adding a DOGE/USD pair in the future(which Coinbase Pro might do) would be big for DOGE and the smaller alt coin markets. Since DOGE already has many trading pairs across other exchanges, this would have a much bigger immediate impact on the overall market and would represent a bigger step in un-tethering the market from BTC, which in my opinion is good for the future of the market.

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