Linda Coin, is it a good coin?

Linda Coin aims to be a coin like Ethereum or EOS that provides a backbone architecture and network that other coins can build on. They tout strong developer support and tools and they will vet every coin that applies to be on the LINDA network to filter out scams and only allow good projects in. They will unveil their new chain and the LINDAX platform soon and the only thing that you can trade for Linda X in the first year are the current Linda coins, which means they won’t decrease in value once the new ICO is launched. One big thing that LINDA aims to have is atomic swaps which essentially make your own wallet a decentralized exchange as you can trade LINDA for any other cryptocurrency that is in the wallet which creates a large OTC market for your coin. It looks like a project with a lot of potential and with the prices at it is right now, seems like a decent pickup.

Note: I am not a financial adviser and this is not professional financial advice, just my opinion. You are responsible for your own profits and losses.

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