Why the large cryptocurrencies need regulation for the entire sector to grow

I think for cryptocurrencies to make it to the next level, there must be regulation on a core group of coins that can form the foundations of the entire industry or sector. These coins need to be widely accepted by merchants and funds which require a good amount of rules and regulations to be placed on them. The rest of the smaller alt coin market should not and cannot be regulated because people will always speculate no matter what you tell them. However, by these large coins being regulated, institutional money will come flowing in, merchants will begin to mass-adopt them and they will have solid use-cases and therefore will at least at first, go up in price before stabilizing at some equilibrium point that is higher than what the price is now. Since the smaller Alt Coins are generally tied to one of these coins and will go up and down with them, they will jump on for the ride and the Alt Coin market will go up as well. So for the entire sector to appreciate in value, the top 5 or 10 coins must be regulated.

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