High Times allows Cryptocurrency to find IPO, Crypto Bank hopefully opening soon

High Times, the longtime weed magazine, is launching an IPO that will allow part of its funding to be in Bitcoin and Ethereum. This is the first IPO that will be partially funding by cryptocurrencies and represents another step forward in the use of cryptocurrencies in mainstream life. They are also using a loophole in the rules to allow regular people and not only “accredited investors” to participate in their IPO as well. It would make sense for a weed company to do this as Weed itself has always been frowned upon by the mainstream.
In other news, an Australian entrepreneur, wants to start a crypto bank and thinks he can do it within 18 months while fully cooperating with regulations. He is not the only one as Litecoin and Tokenpay are trying to get a banking license for a bank that they partially own and Babb is trying to do the same thing. I see one of these banks becoming reality in the near future and as one more step for crypto to be become accepted into mainstream society.

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