Coinbase launches platform for merchants, adds ETC next week, maybe 40 more coins

Coinbase has launched a woo-commernce plugin for wordpress that now allows hundreds, if not thousands, of Merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments for their products or services. This is a huge step and even though it does not include giants like Amazon(obviously), it is a big step to getting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency accepted for everyday use. Hopefully many people who sell things via wordpress will adopt this plugin so we can have a rise in the transactional volume of Bitcoin and other cryptos to bring the overall market up. To me, this is one of the most substantial pieces of news regarding crypto this year as it provides another use outside of speculation for cryptocurrency.
The other news is that Ethereum Classic(ETC) will be added to Coinbase next Tuesday according to news sources. Coinbase is also looking at including up to forty other coins to act as a custodian for things like pension funds as crypto becomes more mainstream. Some notable names are EOS, Monero, NEO, and many others are being considered. It looks like coinbase may usher in the next crypto bull run itself.

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