Dogecoin listed at Robinhood, Dogeracer launched

Dogecoin got listed at Robinhood a few days ago and the new game Dogeracer has come out recently, boosting Dogecoin’s value and volume. In the recent pullback, Dogecoin has lost a little bit of value as well but now it is holding and will most likely rebound back hard when the market rallies. There will always be demand for Dogecoin as it is used as a trade-in coin for smaller Alt coins that are in the single digit Satoshi value or less than 1 Satoshi and it has a lot of trading pairs at the smaller exchanges. The community for Dogecoin is also one of the strongest and most resilient I’ve seen and they really like the coin instead of just holding it for speculative purposes. The meme has really caught on and it has become a really popular coin to hold. I think with the introduction of Doge Racer and being listed at Robinhood will definately help the price of Doge in the near future and going above 1 cent is a real possibility.

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