Bitcoin ETF coming in, 18 months? Northern Trust opens its doors to crypto?

A former CEO of Goldman Sachs, Hassan, said that within 18 months there will be a Bitcoin ETF fund because eventually they will get around the SEC objections. I think that timeline is a little too long because I think there will be an ETF fund by the end of this year. There is too much money to ignore and the last rejection of a Bitcoin ETF had a dissenting point that will eventually lead to an institutional player getting permission to do an ETF fund. Either way, within the next year and a half, you will see an ETF fund and see the money flow in with it.
Northern Trust, a fund that oversees oversees $10 trillion, is looking more into blockchain because it says that fiat money like the USD will eventually be issued over blockchain because of the technology issues. I don’t really think that is the real reason for them looking into blockchain. I think they are also getting ready to jump into the crypto game. At the least, some of the clients have asked for it and they are gathering information for wealthy investors that are interested. A lot of people with money are getting more and more interested, so the future looks bright.

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