Binance Token(BNB) and Ripple(XRP), time to pick up some?

Binance has bought out Ethereum Trust wallet and plans to use it in its development of a Decentralized Exchange they will open in the future. I believe this is one of many acquisitions that Binance will make in the future and the opening up of the DEX will increase the volume of Binance greatly and since the exchange will probably use the BNB token, I see demand for the BNB token rising so it may be wise to pick up a few BNB tokens right now.
Ripple(XRP) is being used as the base currency for a new San Francisco based exchange. This is a huge move away from Bitcoin being the base currency for all crypto exchanges and may signal a big change in the marketplace with Ripple soon competing with Bitcoin for volume as the base currency in exchanges. I am not sure whether this will hurt or help Bitcoin but it should be good for the overall market as I am not really in favor of every coin being tethered to one token. However, if there is large volume at this new exchange, Ripple’s price should go way up so it may be wise to pick up some Ripple right now as well.

Note: This is not professional financial advice and I am not a professional financial adviser. I am not responsible for your profits or losses. What you do with your own money is your responsibility alone.

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