TransferGO now supports five Cryptocurrencies

TransferGo, a money transfer service dealing a lot with remittances, has rolled out support for five cryptocurrencies today. The cryptocurrencies it now supports are Bitcoin, Litecoin,Ethereum,Ripple, and Bitcoin cash. More will be probably added in the future but those five are the ones that are probably the closest to complying with regulations and are some of the best known ones. This is just another big company(with 1 billion dollars in money transfers) jumping into the cryptocurrency game and will put pressure on the likes of Western Union to throw their hat in the ring as well as transferring money via Cryptos is cheaper than the fees that Western union charges. This and other news will make the large Bull Rally in August and September gain steam as prices have basically recovered from yesterday due to the news that the SEC rejected a Bitcoin ETF fund proposed by the Winklevoss twins. However, that is only one of many ETFs proposed and they will probably accept one of them and when that happens, the rally will come around full steam.

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