Photon(PHO), is it a good buy?

Photon(PHO) is a cryptocurrency dedicated to gaming to both purchase things in-game and also as rewards whenever you do certain things in games like Fortnite. Its current price is .000034 dollars and it may be in for a big gain as the market rallies. It is integrated into Fortnite, CS GO, and several other games and can be used to purchase in-game items. Because it is used as a reward everytime you kill someone in Fortnite, it will probably never get past 1 cent per photon in price. However, that is ok, as 1 cent represents a 300x gain in price so you are looking for a price ceiling more in the 1/10 of a cent area for 3000% return on investment. I do believe in has huge potential as Fortnite is the most popular game online right now and as people start using more photons to purchase in-game items, this could get really big.

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