Crypto rally is here(I think), but what coins will benefit?

The last few days have indicated that the Bull market is here, but which coins will benefit first and which coins will benefit later? In my opinion, large coins like Bitcoin and Litecoin will be the first ones to benefit as they are the best known ones and people will flock to them because of their brand name and relative safety compared with the rest of the Alt Coin market. Then after a few weeks or a month after Bitcoin has risen by a substantial amount, people will regain confidence in the overall market and then diversify their holdings into various alt coins. At this time, I expect coins like TRON, Ncash, and other coins that are listed in large exchanges like Binance to see a large resurgence in price. Then later on, some of the smaller exchanges will be effected too as overall volume will increase and the price of many small Alt coins will increase. The overall effect may take a month or two but overall, I think the market will at least recover to where it was at the end of last year.

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