Coinbase secures whale institutional brokerage service, Bitcoin on the rise?

Coinbase has secured an undisclosed whale institutional brokerage service as they have started to use coinbase for their hedgefund’s way to dip those toes into the cryptocurrency market. This could mean that Bitcoin is ready to hit the mainstream and with it, the alt coins will follow and we could see a really big rally in late Q3 or Q4 of this year. Other news hints at the same things happening with institutional investors beginning to pour money into Bitcoin. Greyscale investments has reported $10 million per week coming into cryptocurrency from their firm alone. Circle(who owns Poloniex) has seen a rise in orders so much that it has upped its minimum order at its crypto trading desk to $500,000. These big insiders surely know something that we don’t and all the signals point to an eventual bull run as institutional money comes into cryptocurrency.

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