Steve Bannon starting a Crypto to fund populism

Steve Bannon is starting a cryptocurrency to fund the populist movement and says he owns some Bitcoin. He acknowledges that most ICO and cryptos are failures and is working carefully with his own crypto launch because he wants it to have “quality”.
I really can’t see this being successful because just the fact that it has Bannon’s name attached to it means that most people will not want anything to do with it and outside its purpose of raising funds for his “populist” (white supremecy) movement, I don’t really see this coin having any sort of purpose. It doesn’t make or generate any income as its a coin for funding a political contribution. You might as well start a Kickstarter or GoFundMe campaign for that purpose. I think the bad PR plus the fact that this coin lacks any real way to generate revenue will probably doom it to the trash heap of history.

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