Aegeus Coin(AEG), is it a good buy?

Aegeus coin(AEG) is a proof of stake/masternode coin that is at 6.5 cents at the moment and has an ROI of 463%. It has impressive technical specs and the roadmap shows plans for data storage, sharing, and content delivery. However, the roadmap does not mention partnerships or business opportunities and I look a lot for those things when I look at coins nowdays because I need to see what the coin is going to be used for and what types of businesses and customers are going to be using the final product. I can see Aegeus making a business out of the storage and sharing services but I still need to see potential partnerships on the horizon for me to really recommend a coin.
Overall, it is not a bad coin and with a near 500% return on profit at this point, it may be well worth to invest for a few months to make profit and wait for a spike in price to sell. I think one of the best ways to invest in a coin like this that has potential is to invest, then take a month or two to double your coins and then sell to get back your original amount your invested and then keep the rest and play with house money. That way you don’t risk losing much money.

Note: This is not professional financial advice and I am not a professional financial adviser and I am not responsible for your profits or losses.

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