Bitcoin(BTC) Rises as Blackbock funds looks into Crypto

Bitcoin rallied today on the news that Blackrock funds, a major retirement funds manager, formed a group to explore Bitcoin and Blockchain perhaps signaling that they would get in on the action sooner or later. This could be huge for Bitcoin and the crypto market as companies like Blackrock control Billions and Billions of dollars in assets and could really inject some serious capital into the cryptocurrency market. This will probably also come with more regulation that will eventually make Bitcoin less volatile than it has been. This could be a good though as if Bitcoin is going to be used for transactions or as a store of value, it needs far more stability than it currently has and this may be a crackdown on market manipulators, especially the ones that try to control price with bots, which nobody needs. I do hope this happens soon so Bitcoin has actually be used as a store of value rather than just a speculative commodity.

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