TRON(TRX) and Twitter in a possible partnership?

Justin Sun, the founder of TRON(TRX) recently tweeted up a tweet of twitter employees visiting TRON. Justin Sun has been known to be the master of generating hype whether deserved or not. So now the internet is buzzing with rumors that TRON may be partnered with twitter. If it is in future plans, it has not happened yet but just the potential of it happening may be enough to drive up prices. For Twitter, I’m not sure of the benefits but for TRON, the benefits are easy to see. The massive userbase that twitter has would be immensely useful for TRON and the adoption of the coin and twitter could easily further their goals of eventually being able to be the entertainment cryptocurrency that everyone turns to. Will it happen is anyone’s guess but there will be much hype around this in the days to come.

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