Credits(CS) mainnet launch coming, is it a good buy?

Credits(CS) has its mainnet launch slated for the 15th of July(5 days), so now may be a decent time to pick up some credits. Credits is more comparable to Ethereum and EOS than Bitcoin or Litecoin as it is built to be a decentralized platform with an API that people can build applications on. Its technical specs look superior to that of Ethereum but at this point in the game, its really about getting businesses and developers to use your platform for their projects. In this, ETH has a large lead over everyone else. However, Credits is only 27 cents right now and if it can get some adoption, it could see enormous growth potential so it may be worth it to invest a little money into the platform right now while it is cheap. If the Mainnet goes well, I expect the team to be looking for partners that are willing to try out applications on its network. For coins like these, I would put a bit of money in each one to spread out the risk between ETH, EOS, TRX, and coins like CS.

Note: This is not professional financial advice and I am not a professional financial adviser. These are just my opinions.

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