Western Union may be in process of adoption Cryptocurrency

Western Union, in 2016, filed a patent for Bio-Metric Identification that included language in it specifically for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Peercoin(I don’t think Peercoin is in the running anymore). It did not include ripple, probably because Ripple(XRP) was not that big of a deal in 2016 when this was being written and would sure include Ripple now since Western Union has done a very limited testing with XRP. Western Union’s CEO said he was not impressed with the test and it did not provide the savings he was looking for so the technology does need to be improved before Western Union will adopt it. If a cryptocurrency is adopted for use in Western Union, it would most likely be something like Ripple and not Bitcoin since Ripple is made to be fast and facilitate in financial transactions like Western Union. I think Western Union is looking at Cryptocurrencies because there are crypto startups that are trying to replace Western Union in the are of Remittance and Western Union wants to stop that in its tracks. Whether or not they will be successful, only time will tell.

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