Ripple Giving XRP to encourage adoption

Ripple(XRP) has been giving away XRP in order to encourage adoption from banks and financial institutions to use their cryptocurrency for transactions. They want ripple to be the middleman in currency conversions and transactions. For instance if you want to transfer USD to someone in Japan and have them receive it as Japanese Yen, you would send the USD, it would covert into XRP, then on the other end convert back into Japanese Yen before it hits their account. As many partnerships as Ripple has announced, there isn’t that much direct use of it. Right now its just a speculative investment that people can buy and sell and that cannot last forever so Ripple is using incentives by giving banks and institutions more of their cryptocurrency in order for them to adopt it for use. If this works and Ripple because a standard for conversions and transactions, the price will skyrocket and it’ll be a big signal that the world is ready for real crypto adoption in business applications. Regardless what you think about Ripple, if you are a true fan of Crypto, you want this to work out.

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