Iranians turn to Bitcoin and Crypto amid unstable circumstances

The people of Iran have largely turned to cryptocurrency in the last year because the Iranian dollar is in hyper-inflationary status and the Iranians are looking for a more stable way to store their money. USD is the top choice but accessing cryptocurrency via the exchanges has been easier and less dangerous than going through the black market for USD. This shows another huge market for the potential for a global decentralized cryptocurrency in these unstable regions of the world and one that can be a good tool for democracy and advancement. For those of us who live in first world countries like the United States, these things aren’t really issues as our government and currencies are fairly stable. But in countries where that isn’t the case, cryptocurrencies can become the main form of medium of exchange.
Of course, the government of Iran is trying to shut it down as they cannot control cryptocurrency since it is decentralized and they do not want economics in the country that they cannot control. Even people trying to access exchanges via VPN are finding roadblocks in their attempts. However, the western world should encourage cryptocurrencies in these regions as it is potential a force that could strip away the economic control these regimes have over the citizens and might eventually pave the way for reform.

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