Verge(XVG) in trouble after Pornhub announces new partnerships?

Verge created a lot of hype about two months ago about a huge partnership that eventually turned put to be Pornhub. This in itself was a letdown because I guess people were expecting Microsoft or Amazon, which was completely unrealistic. Verge, however, had to pay Pornhub millions of dollars to get their Cryptocurrency accepted at the adult entertainment site and all of that was donated by users for this ‘big partnership’. I thought it was going to be an exclusive deal between Verge and Pornhub that was going to really give Verge a special use-case since a privacy coin is a perfect option to pay for sketchy products like Porn. However, this is not the case as TRON and Zencash did not have to pay any money(in my knowledge) to get Pornhub to accept them as payment options. TRON is a much more popular crypto than Verge and will be a tough competitor for Verge for users at Pornhub. Verge has a PR issue on its hands now on why it had to pay millions of dollars for a partnership that others didn’t have to pay anything for. It also points to the fact that the expected value of the partnership with Pornhub for Verge will not be as great as people thought since there are now two more Cryptos being accepted and Pornhub plans to had more. In short, Verge basically got screwed by Pornhub and now has to clean up a PR mess.

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