Tron will be accepted at Pornhub, first of many partnerships?

Tron seems to be going into a partnership with Pornhub as it will(along with Verge) be accepted at Pornhub for pornography content. Verge paid Pornhub some millions of dollars to be a partner and to have a use-case for Verge. I wonder if TRON paid Pornhub the same amount to be accepted into the site as well. I think its not a bad move for TRON either way as it gives a use-case for TRON other than just speculating. Hopefully this is the first of many partnerships for TRON as I think the cryptos with vendor adoption will be the ones that will survive in the future. I actually see this as a bigger deal for TRON right now than the purchase of Bittorrent as it directly gives a way for TRON to be used for a product people actually want.

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