TRON(TRX) founder Justin Sun acquires BitTorrent, what does it mean for TRON?

Tron founder Justin Sun has purchased peer to peer platform BitTorrent for $140 million and Tron’s price has had a big bump since the news came out. I don’t quite understand it because the popularity of BitTorrent has been declining lately. BitTorrent is also basically a free piracy software client people use to steal music and videos and I’m not sure how it will help TRON’s development. However, BitTorrent’s large amount of users could be the stepping stone for Justin Sun to build a marketplace that uses TRON as the primary payment system and that would be a huge game changer. Hopefully, this is what Justin Sun has his mind on and I hope he executes well but its a long road from BitTorrent’s current state to a functional market system that uses TRON as a payment gateway.

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