Paccoin(PAC) being listed on TopBTC soon

Paccoin(PAC) is going to be listed on TopBTC soon. TopBTC is an exchange with nearly $100,000,000 a day volume in trading. Usually I would be really excited about a coin like $PAC being listed on such a large exchange. However, with TopBTC history and the knowledge that they have scammed past coins that have listed with them, I am very much less excited about this listing. TopBTC scammed APR coin and is still trying to extort money from them even though APR has requested to be de-listed and to get a full refund because of the very unprofessional behavior of TopBTC so I do not have much confidence in this exchange and would never use it myself(which is saying a lot because I use many exchanges). I will keep a close eye on this listing and exchange and see if TopBTC gives Paccoin any trouble and if they give Paccoin the same trouble as they gave APR, then I would completely say they are a scam exchange and should not be used.

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