Three Masternode services and what PoS coins I’m looking at right now

Today I’m going to be talking about three services that you can use to run Masternodes of different coins. They range in difficulty from self-deploy to fully managed Masternode services and they all charge different amounts.

1. Mnitra Online — A self-deploy package with a full set of instructions, the only fee is the VPS at digital ocean that you host the masternode on($5/month). It is recommended that you only host 1 masternode per server.

2. Gin Platform — I think the fee is $15/month(last time I asked) and they host the MN at their platform. The fee is payable in GIN. They host a variety of Masternodes, check their list.

3. Snode — The fee is around 5% I believe for profitable Masternodes but they handle all the work for you and you just collect the coins. I think they also have the widest selection of coins.

If you are wondering, here are the Proof of Stake coins I either own or I’m looking at buying:






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