Nucleus Vision(Ncash) Red Flags?

Its been a while since I talked about Nucleus Vision(Ncash) and recently the news has not been good. It seems that many of the partnerships that nCash has listed on their website are either exaggerated or completely fake. I’ve only heard of 1 of the companies on their website come out and confirm that there was a partnership with nCash while others like Intel have stated that they have no knowledge of such a partnership. Nucleus Vision’s CEO later came out and said that they had partnered with a store that sells Intel’s products and not Intel itself. If that is true, they should not have put Intel’s Logo on their website because that implies that there a partnership with the brand. Their claim of Tim Draper being on the advisory board has been reported by several newspapers and Tim Draper has not denied it, but he has also not come out and confirmed it either. It also seems that they have store roll-outs in India but we do not know the physical location of these stores. All in all, the situation with nCash has a lot of muddy water around it and until some of these things get cleared up, I would be cautious is I were thinking about buying more nCash.

Note: I am not a financial adviser and these articles and videos are just opinions, they are not professional financial advice.

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