Metropolitan Bank says 15% of clients invest in Crypto, supports Crypto

Metropolitan Bank has come out and said that 15% of its clients currently own or invest in cryptocurrency signaling that Cryptocurrency is becoming more mainstream. Metropolitan bank also says that its impossible to dismiss Crypto now meaning that there are banks who think that Crypto is here to stay and not just a passing fad. Bitcoin may die, but it is only one of thousands of Cryptos and there are many better ones with a better underlying platform that could take over. In the future I think most other Cryptos will un-tether themselves away from bitcoin and not be bound to BTC’s price. Metropolitan bank is also exploring new ways to grow this market meaning it will encourage more investors in the future. As long as these people actually buy Crypto and not just futures contracts, this will be great for Crypto’s future as more and more money will pour into the market. Crypto occupies less than .5% of the global economic pie so there is plenty of room to grow and the institutional investors who actually buy Cryptos and not just futures contracts are the next step for real acceptance for cryptocurrencies.

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