Price Manipulation investigations and Coinbase adding ETC.

Two big pieces of news this week. One is that investigations are going on regarding price manipulation of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and the 2nd is that Coinbase is adding Ethereum Classic into their system. I don’t really think the investigations will really turn up anything mainly because I think the people who are responsible will turn out to be the big institutional investors, especially the ones who are trading futures right now. I think CME and CBOE have had a big impact on BTC price since the futures markets have become available in a negative way as big players and institutions are shorting bitcoin and other large Cryptos. We saw what happened when one of the short positions got liquidated about a month and a half ago, the price jumped up about $1000 immediately afterwards so these big investors can have that kind of a effect on the price. My guess is that since the traditional money and power brokers did not get in early on cryptocurrency, they are trying to manipulate the price until they can become the dominant players in the market because they want to retain their power on the financial system. I think there’s a lot of regulators that are in line with the big money players so even if they discover something, I don’t think they will really do anything about it. I do not think it is hackers that are majorly effecting the long-term price of cryptos, but rather the traditional fund managers and those big players in the futures market.
Coinbase adding ETC is a bit of a surprise and I think it will boost the price of ETC some once they fully integrate it. ETC is only the 6th crypto that Coinbase has added so it will drive up ETC’s volume. ETC is a bitter rival of ETH and is really the “original” blockchain that ETH came from. ETH basically forked to give people money back after a major hack and to fix security issues within the chain(which ETC still hacks). I’m actually not a fan of the “immutability” of the blockchain concept and I think chains should be forked to make improvements and other reasons. I don’t really understand why Coinbase would really add ETC before Ripple or Tron because I see ETC as an outdated and less secure version of ETH. I would have preferred coinbase add TRON or EOS instead.

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