Light Pay Coin(LPC), is it a good buy?

Light Pay Coin(LPC) is a new Proof of Stake Coin with big potential. The roadmap is the part the impresses me about this coin as it is much more detailed and in-depth than most other proof of stake coins. What you see on most other POS coins is about rewards, loyalty rewards, wallet versions, hardware wallet, etc. That is all good stuff but it says nothing about actual use of the coin except for staking and earning interest in the future. If that is all the coin is for, then it does not have a long term future. This coin however, has a shipping company on board and claims to have 10 companies that have intention to integrate the coin into their systems. It also has plans to bring a local store into the integration soon and has more partnership announcements coming up. It also has plans to have ATMs and an entire payment system based on its network. This is much more actual use than most Proof of Stake coins that I see so I would put this one higher on my list of coins to watch than most of them. Its Masternode is also fairly cheap at $2,700 per node right now so if you have extra cash, it may be worth taking a look. Check out the video below for more commentary.

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