Why Cryptocurrencies won’t replace fiat and our centralized system

Although I am a big fan of Cryptocurrencies and am invested in them, I do not hold the view that many Crypto enthusiasts hold that it will soon replace and obsolete our currencies banking/economic system and usher in an area of decentralized currency for the world. One reason is that national currencies, I feel like, have to be controlled by a central authority with the power to tax and regulate to have legitimacy. When the United States first became a country, we did not have the constitution, we had a much more decentralized system known as the Articles of Confederation. Each state was allowed to print its own money and there was no central authority on taxation. The system failed horribly, so bad that Benjamin Franklin, supposedly went to France to ask its prince to come over and be our new king. The French prince declined saying that we did not get along too well with our former king. After a few years of bankruptcy and failure, the founding fathers got together again and wrote the constitution and our new federal and centralized system which is what we have today.
People may say that the US dollar does not have anything backing it but they are forgetting that we all have to pay taxes in USD and that our currency is backed by the most powerful army in the world and that means a lot. That is the reason that all merchants and stores accept the US dollar for payment and that is the reason that many of them will not accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment for goods and services.
I do think the Crypto will gain a foothold and that some merchants, especially online ones, will start to accept cryptocurrency and that cryptocurrency will form a parallel economy alongside our traditional economy in a few years time. It will still be smaller that the system we have now, but it will give people a alternative if they do not like the system that is in place right now. It will not replace the system but will be an extra option on the table.

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